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Voting Instructions for Ergo EIP-0027 on Ergo.GetBlok.io

GetBlok.io voting on EIP-0027 will begin on FEBRUARY 6TH 2022.  The voting period will continue for a two-week period.  The voting period is from FEBRUARY 6TH 2022 through FEBRUARY 20TH 2022

GetBlok will continue to distribute tokens throughout the entire voting period to allow new miners to obtain more GetBlok.io Governance Tokens (GBGT).  Following FEBRUARY 20TH 2022 you will no longer be able to mine GBGT tokens.

Additionally, we will be continuing with the originally stated 51% majority rules, as this is what has been voted for by GetBlok.io miners. 

Once voting has been completed, GetBlok.io will vote appropriately based on the vote provided by our miners. This will be done by configuring our global Ergo Nodes for YES, or configure the Ergo Nodes for NO

Please see instructions on how to vote below:

  1.  Log on to https://ergo.getblok.io/vote
  2.  Select YES or NO address (by clicking on it, it will copy to clipboard)
  3.  Access your wallet where GBGT tokens are held.
  4. Paste the copied address as the receiver address.
  5.  Send ALL of your GBGT tokens to the address provided
  6.  YOU MUST INCLUDE 0.001 ERG along with your vote (no more, no less)
  7.  Click SEND and you’re done.   


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