starts fundraising initiative to support Ukraine based on Proof-of-Work Crypto Mining today announced it has started Hashrates for Harmony – its own fundraising project designed to help those in need. is focused on leveraging Blockchain solutions to empower humanity – that is, through the use of distributed ledger, Smart Contracts, and infrastructure capabilities to advance public and private industries through the use of transparent and secure technologies. is starting a fundraising initiative called Hashrates for Harmony. This initiative is aimed to provide humanitarian help for Ukrainians who need support due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The idea of the project is to empower Proof of Work miners of cryptocurrency to contribute their mining hash power to help charitable efforts. SmartPool offers the option to “enroll” into a charitable subpool of their choice. Each subpool has a fixed fee, which is 100% contributed to the chosen organization. will donate all proceeds to accredited and validated Non-profit Government Organizations (NGOs). For example, the National Bank of Ukraine has created a charitable fund for this particular purpose.

“We believe, that our mission – Empower humanity through Blockchain – can find its best practical realization in this case. In future we are going to use the same mechanism for other charity initiatives to support people during disasters, conflicts, and other humanitarian issues” – Vinnie Lima, President of plans to support the following NGOs per recent polling/votes by our community members: 

All donations will be on-chain, and for those NGOs not accepting cryptocurrency donations, will convert to Fiat and donate with all transactions publicly made available at our website. More details at 

About is an innovation and technology fund institution focusing on applying and delivering Education, Solutions, and Capabilities leveraging the latest innovation from Blockchain technologies.  Based in Pittsburgh, PA USA with global presence, partners with community, blockchains, and technology investments to advance humanity through blockchain solutions.

Media Contact:
Robert Kowitt

Sales Contact:
Vinnie Lima

Contribution Tracker

NGO Name Total Raised (ERGO) Total Donated (USD/BTC) Date Updated
Ukrainian Government

Note:  we distribute funds to each respective NGO once a significant amount is consolidated due to minimum limits on exchanges for transfers/exchange to USD.