launches SubPooling on their Ergo based mining pool announced it has launched its long-awaited SubPooling integration on their Ergo based mining SmartPool

WEST ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2022 / — has announced the launch of its long-awaited SubPooling integration on their Ergo based mining SmartPool

A SmartPool leverages the strength of Smart Contracts within a blockchain to enable transparent, on-chain processing of a cryptocurrency miner’s share and payment distribution. One of the latest technologies that has been developed by the team is SubPooling.

SubPooling is a mechanism that allows miners to create their own mining pools while utilizing the state-of-the-art infrastructure developed by These SubPools can be used to allow miners to combine their hashrate in a joint effort to find and share block rewards. Various settings can be adjusted such as payouts, distribution method, fees, assets rewarded and more. The SubPooling framework also allows miners to distribute their own Ergo based tokens in conjunction or in lieu of ERG as additional mining rewards.

This amazing development allows our miners to earn additional assets for mining on a SubPool. Our goal is to provide value to our miners and the Ergo ecosystem ”— Robert Kowitt

Tokens available for distribution are currently limited to Ergo native assets, which include digital art such as Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). SubPooling has already caught the attention of Ergo community-based projects. In the coming days, will have multiple projects launch their own SubPool.

Following the launch of the initial SubPools, will be launching a second phase which includes user based SubPools. User based SubPools will allow anyone to create their own SubPool directly on the mining dashboard

See what SubPooling is all about at and be sure to follow their social channels for the latest updates regarding launches and new products

Disclaimer: is not responsible for the performance of assets distributed on any SubPool. Cryptocurrency carries inherit risks, please do your own research.

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