SmartPool Payout Reference

Currently payments are processed after 20 confirmations from the block find. This is typically less than 1 hr or shortly after 20 confirmations for the block find.

The image below shows the different stages and sequences for a found block under GetBlok.io’s SmartPool payment scheme.

To help understand how Smart Contracts-based payment processing occurs, the following is a break down of the sequence status and what happens in each phase:

  • Validating – Block has been submitted to the node / blockchain, and is awaiting a check to see whether it ended up on-chain or is an orphan block
  • Orphan – Block was submitted to the node but did not end up on-chain
  • Confirming – Block has been found on-chain and is awaiting 20 confirmations before moving to the next stage
  • Confirmed – Block has received 20 confirmations. Effort for the block has been calculated now, and our notification bot has sent a message to our miners about it.
  • Pre-Processed – Block has had its shares calculated and an estimate of unconfirmed balances have been made.
  • Processing – Block has been sent to the smart contracts. We’re awaiting confirmation of the transaction to finalize balances.
  • Processed – The transaction which sent the block to the smart contracts has been confirmed, and unconfirmed balances have been finalized. Because some of our SubPools requires that we interact with external exchanges (such as ErgoDEX), unconfirmed balances may change slightly once we send it to the smart contract.
  • Initiated – Initial payments have been made and are awaiting confirmation of these transactions on-chain.
  • Paid – All payment transactions have been confirmed on-chain. Miners have received their assets in their wallet. Payment, earnings, and confirmed balances are also updated at this point.

If you believe a payment is in error or you are experiencing abnormally delayed payments, please contact us via the below mechanisms:

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