Discover Ergo Super Blok Bounty Month – September 2022

Ethereum Merge

As the Ethereum merge to Proof of Stake is closely upon us, GPU miners will be looking for the next best algorithm to mine.  While many have already shifted over to other blockchains, we felt inspired to provide miners with a deeper insight to Ergo.  To support this effort, GetBlok.io in collaboration with ErgoPad, AnetaBTC, and Comet has an on-going promotion during the entire month of September in the form of Blok Bounties.   These bounties will provide additional incentives to ALL miners contributing to mining on Ergo.GetBlok.io during this time period. 


The Bounty

The bounties will be a combination of Erg, Ergopad, Neta, and Comet tokens.  This will allow miners to explore the Ergo ecosystem further and truly discover the power of Ergo

The total bonus rewards being offer are the following:

  • 50,000 Ergopad Tokens
  • 50,000 Neta Tokens
  • 100,000 Comet Tokens
  • 200 ERG
  • And a special NFT giveaway to one lucky miner on the day the merge happens

These rewards will be divided into 30 separate Blok Bounties that will be shared by ALL pools.  One Blok Bounty will be awarded for each day in September.  On a daily basis, we will be capturing a snapshot of all the miners on the pool.   Blok Bounties will be paid to miners on a weekly basis.

Fee Free Ergo Mining

Additionally, we will be offering fee free $ERG mining on our default pool the entire month of September.  (Note this does not apply to SubPools)

Join us in discovering what Ergo and GetBlok.io is all about!.

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas?  Let us know as a comment below!

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