How to Quad Mine ERGO Tokens on GetBlok.io

Quad mining, is that even possible?    Well…it is now on Ergo.GetBlok.io 

As many know, GetBlok.io is behind the innovative technology that is SubPooling.   SubPooling allows for other projects to distribute their tokens fairly with proof of work mining.   The projects tokens are inserted into a Smart Contract based pool, and miners can now mine these tokens in exchange or in addition to traditional ERG rewards.   

Because all of these tokens are technically their own mining pool and all on Ergo, Miners can creatively create multiple wallets and mine all tokens plus ERG all at the same time.     

This tutorial will walk you through on how to quad mine four of the available Subpools in GetBlok.io.

Derived Wallet Addresses in Ergo

  1. Go to your wallet of choice and create multiple addresses that will be derived from your main address.   These addresses will hold the same mnemonic and spending key as your main wallet.   Below are two examples for Ergo Mobile and Nautilus wallets.
Ergo Mobile Wallet (Terminus)
Nautilus Wallet
  1. Now that you have multiple addresses, you will need to configure your miner(s) so they are set up one per address.  This is easier if you have 4 rigs, but if you don’t then you can split your rigs by using multiple miners. 

Multiple Rigs (4 or greater)

  1. If you have multiple rigs, it is likely that you have a separate instance of your OS running on each.  ie. Hive or Windows.   If this is the case, you simply need to update your wallet address (one for each rig).  If you do not have the ability to do this, please use single rig option.

Single Rig (Less than 4)

  1. If you do not have so many mining rigs, no worries, you can do this as well.   All you would need to do is run a separate miner for each address.  ie. Trex one address, NB Miner another, LOL miner another and so on.

    Within each miner you have the option to select which cards you want to utilize for that miner.  For example, Trex is: “devices”: “1,2,3” to operate GPUs 1-3.  This is generally added to your .bat file or flight sheet in extra config. settings.

    Example in HiveOS shown below: 

Associating Subpools with each Wallet

  1. Now that your miners are all set up and mining to ergo.getblok.io, you can connect to Ergo.GetBlok.io Dashboard as you normally would.  If you need help, check out our How to Connect page.

    Once connected to the pool, you will need to access the dashboard with every address you have connected to the pool.  For each address you would select a different SmartPool in the settings section (Tip: Open different web browser tabs for each wallet, and enter them in the “Enter your address here” bar at top)

    Example shown below, you would use each address to choose your Smart Pool Subpool for each address.

    Address 1 – GetBlok.io Default Plasma Pool – Rewards in ERG
    Address 2 – Comet Smart Pool – Rewards in ERG + COMET
    Address 3 – anetaBTC Smart Pool – Rewards in NETA with 8% bonus
    Address 4 – ErgoPad Smart Pool – Rewards 90% ERG + 10% ErgoPad w/ 1.1x ErgoPad bonus

  1. Once you have successfully connected each address, that is it you are done.  You can now sit back relax and mine 4 coins all at the same time.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have comments or suggestions for improvements, please leave a comment below!

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