Proof-Of-Vote for Ergo EIP-37 on Ergo.GetBlok.io

Following the Ethereum Merge an influx of Proof-of-Work miners (Roughly 800TH) needed to find a new home to continue their mining operation. Both small and large miners began migrating to new chains and many had found interest in Ergo. On the day of the Merge, Ergo hashrate skyrocketed to an unprecedented all-time high of ~250-300TH.


How to Quad Mine ERGO Tokens on GetBlok.io

Quad mining, is that even possible? Well…it is now on Ergo.GetBlok.io.

As many know, GetBlok.io is behind the innovative technology that is SubPooling. SubPooling allows for other projects to distribute their tokens fairly with proof of work mining. The projects tokens are inserted into a Smart Contract based pool, and miners can now mine these tokens in exchange or in addition to traditional ERG rewards.


Discover Ergo Super Blok Bounty Month – September 2022

As the Ethereum merge to Proof of Stake is closely upon us, GPU miners will be looking for the next best algorithm to mine. While many have already shifted over to other blockchains, we felt inspired to provide miners with a deeper insight to Ergo. To support this effort, GetBlok.io in collaboration with ErgoPad, AnetaBTC, and Comet has an on-going promotion during the entire month of September in the form of Blok Bounties. These bounties will provide additional incentives to ALL miners contributing to mining on Ergo.GetBlok.io during this time period.


SmartPool Payout Reference

Currently payments are processed after 20 confirmations from the block find. This is typically less than 1 hr or shortly after 20 confirmations for the block find. The image below shows the different stages and sequences for a found block under GetBlok.io’s SmartPool payment scheme. To help understand how Smart Contracts-based payment processing occurs, the…

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Voting Instructions for Ergo EIP-0027 on Ergo.GetBlok.io

GetBlok.io voting on EIP-0027 will begin on FEBRUARY 6TH 2022.  The voting period will continue for a two-week period.  The voting period is from FEBRUARY 6TH 2022 through FEBRUARY 20TH 2022 GetBlok will continue to distribute tokens throughout the entire voting period to allow new miners to obtain more GetBlok.io Governance Tokens (GBGT).  Following FEBRUARY…