Hashrates for Harmony FAQ

GetBlok.io SmartPool is a new smart-contract based mining pool that promotes transparency for miners.  For this reason, GetBlok.io is always looking for use cases where Smart Contracts and the power of Proof of Work can contribute to humanitarian and other noble causes.

The fact that each action done by the SmartPool is visible on-chain, including changes in fees, distribution of payouts, and modifications made to the smart pool itself, makes itself an appropriate mechanism for contributing to charitable and donation efforts.

Hashrates for Harmony is an initiative to empower Proof of Work miners to contribute their mining hash power to help charitable efforts related to assisting Humanity during disasters, conflicts, and other humanitarian issues.

GetBlok.io dynamically and periodically identifying worthy and noble causes to configure SmartPool Charity and Donations. Most of the suggestions come from our community in Telegram and Discord.  

If you have a worthy and noble cause for consideration, we suggest you join our Telegram or Discord channels!  You may also email us at info@getblok.io

 Functionally, the Charity and Donation SmartPool operates similar to our current SmartPool offering for Ergo.  

The changes relate to how miners are placed into the automated “sub-pools”, which are groupings of miners, to facilitate blockchain transactions and limits placed on the size of boxes.

In a Charitable and Donation effort, GetBlok.io SmartPool offers Proof of Work miners the option to “enroll” into particular sub-pools which then have different fees levied upon miner rewards.

While regular SmartPool sub-pools have the traditional GetBlok.io 1.0% fee, Charity and Donation SmartPool sub-pools have a fixed fee which are 100% contributed to the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) of choice by miner. 

100% of the donations by PoW miners are donated to the NGO of choice for the specific sub-pool, minus any gas fees.

Note: not all NGOs support Ergo native coin, therefore GetBlok.io will exchange your mining fees at the current market exchange rate to the accepted cryptocurrency of choice for selected NGO.  

GetBlok.io is not able to perform due diligence on any particular NGOs.  

The NGOs offered in our Charity and Donations SmartPool feature are voted by miners from a range of available NGOs for a particular cause.  

Therefore, we highly recommend each miner to perform their own research and due diligence before choosing/opting-in for a particular Charity and Donations SmartPool Sub-Pool.

We have several ways to connect.  We recommend following our how-to connect guide (link below) to review the connection options available. How to Connect?

GetBlok.io is not a charitable organization as recognized by U.S. IRS Tax Code. 

Please consult a tax professional for advise and guidance on charity and donations.