How to connect?

GetBlok SmartPool simplifies access to our pool by using one global connection. By using the address listed below it will automatically select the closest region to you.

Chose your server:

We support the following regions:

  • US East
  • US West
  • Germany West
  • APAC (Singapore)
  • Brazil
  • Middle East (UAE)
  • Central India
  • East Australia
Global Auto Load
Low Difficulty SSL stratum+ssl://
Low Difficult Non SSL stratum+tcp://
High Difficulty SSL stratum+ssl://
High Difficult Non SSL stratum+tcp://
Alt. Stratum Port Not Applicable
Username Your wallet address
Password x (or empty)

Now chose a mining software (miner)

These are our recommendations. Ensure to use the correct port for your use case.

T-REX miner

					t-rex.exe -a autolykos2 -o<PORT> -u YOURWALLETADRESS.Worker -p x pause

NB miner

					nbminer.exe —url<PORT> --user YOURWALLETADRESS.Worker —algo ergo


					teamredminer.exe -a autolykos2 -o<PORT> -u YOURWALLETADRESS.Worker -p x

From your NiceHash account, select “More” then “Hashpower Marketplace”:

Select “My Pools” then “+Add New Pool”:

Enter the details for the highlighted fields below then click “TEST POOL”:

Select the region best suited for the location of your preference:

Validate that the Pool Verification is successful:

Add pool to your NiceHash Pool listing: