GetBlok Managed Hosting

$324.38$4,417.31 Managed Hosting provides a solution for Proof of Work miners looking for more efficient hosting of their existing GPUs.  We facilitate hosting your existing GPUs (Bring-Your-Own-GPUs) in our enterprise-grade data center leveraging the best power, cooling, and management features available from Octominer and HiveOS.

Description offers “Bring-Your-Own_GPU” hosting with short, medium, and long term payment terms. This offers PoW miners incredible flexibility in hosting existing mining GPUs without overhead or minimal investments. SmartBlok hosting is an all-inclusive pricing, per month, per GPU, providing you with industrial and professional-scale mining without the headaches of at-home mining. We operate customer-owned GPUs on industrial-grade equipment leveraging platinum-rated, redundant power supplies in a professional data center.

How does it work?

  1. Select the options which best suit your need.
  2. Your Key – Your Crypto – will never interfere with your crypto mining.  You select which wallet to mine to and will always ensure your preferred configuration. We do not hold, nor “broker/exchange” your crypto.
  3. Ship your GPUs to – we will help you properly package and ship to our facilities.  We will coordinate and track every step of the way, including assisting in attaining best discount possible!
  4. Access your mining rig(s) in HiveOS – you will be granted access to view and manage your mining farm via HiveOS dashboard.
  5. Return Guaranteed – at the end of your term, your GPUs are returned safely and securely.


  • BYOG – Bring your Own GPUs – we will care for your GPUs in our enterprise-grade facilities.  They will be maintained, cleaned, and cared for as if they are our own. All GPUs are covered by our USD$ 5 Million dollar insurance covering loss, theft, or destruction.
  • Temperature-controlled Hosting – our data centers are optimally designed with GPU mining in mind; that is, the cooling, ventilation, and humidity are carefully controlled.
  • Octominer X8ULTRA or X12ULTRA cases – our hosting is exclusively leveraging Octominer cases which are leading edge in power, safety, telemetry and cooling for GPUs.  All our cases are high-spec configuration, to ensure we can handle your power demands and overclocks.
  • Internet – our facilities feature Gigabit business-grade internet with secondary redundancy.
  • Your Keys / Your Crypto – all our managed hosting leverages the customer’s choice for crypto custody and wallet configurations. does not require you to use our wallet. Prevent “rug pulls” by maintaining your own private keys!
  • HiveOS Management – all rigs are enrolled and managed in HiveOS, the leading SaaS based crypto mining management platform in the industry. All customers will have administrative access to their own farm containing their rigs, including access to overclock and flight sheet configuration.
  • 24/7 Support – we provide 24/7 support for our global customers, including access to self-service power cycle features.
  • Insured by The Hartford – our facilities and your equipment are insured by the world’s best, A+ insurance carrier – The Hartford – for loss, theft, fire, and water damage.

Are you ready?  Choose your options and let’s get started!

Additional information

SmartBlok - Term

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Yearly, Purchase

SmartBlok - Quantity

8 GPU, 12 GPU


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