Frequently Asked Questions SmartPool is a new smart-contract based mining pool that promotes transparency for miners.  Each action done by the SmartPool is visible on-chain, including changes in fees, distribution of payouts, and modifications made to the smart pool itself. The SmartPool provides the base framework for additional features that are to be built on top of it.

 Each payment distribution handled by the Smart Pool is considered an “epoch”. Each epoch represents the state of the SmartPool and the distribution it performed at any given point. All of the important information used by the smart pool to distribute its payouts are stored on chain. This, in combination with the rules laid out by the smart contracts, ensure that changes made to the smart pool are visible by everyone.

In addition to the transparency it provides, the SmartPool is made to be modular and can change itself to support new payment methods and types of transactions. This ensures that new features can be added while still staying transparent about what these features can do.

What can the SmartPool do?

A: One of the initial goals of is to provide miners a way to create Sub-Pools among themselves, thereby allowing miners to choose how they get paid. The SmartPool provides the base framework for sub-pooling to work and will ensure that smart contracts control the payment through every possible step.

Another use-case for the Smart Pool is the distribution of tokens. Many users of Cardano will be familiar with ISPOs or Initial Stake Pool Offerings. GetBlok’s answer to this is IMPOs, or Initial Mining Pool Offerings. This gives Ergo dApps another way to promote the fair distribution of tokens. The modular nature of the Smart Pool ensures that the distribution can be done in multiple ways (including distribution by hashrate, equal distribution to members, etc).

Governance, block bounties, programmable fees, and more are all possible within the Smart Pool framework. Stay tuned for more information about the first Smart Pool event in the coming weeks: governance tokens for the upcoming soft-fork emissions vote, backed by a Proof-Of-Vote mechanism. You can see the whitepaper/project proposal here.

Currently, we are supporting the Ergo Blockchain. SmartPool was built and supported by Ergo community miners and developers alike.

We have several ways to connect.  We recommend following our how-to connect guide (link below) to review the connection options available. How to Connect?

  • US East
  • US West
  • Germany West
  • APAC (Singapore)
  • Brazil
  • Middle East (UAE)
  • Central India
  • East Australia
Instructions to connect can be found here.

Currently our fee is 1%.

Our min. payout is 0.1 ERG.  However, you can set your min. payout to anything >0.1.

Our current payment scheme is PPLNS (N=50000).  See the link below for further details regarding PPLNS

Currently payments are processed after 20 confirmations from the block find. This is typically less than 1 hr.

Pending shares are the shares you have accumulated towards PPLNS (50000 shares).   We are looking to modify the way this is displayed in our v2.0 of the dashboard.

Unfortunately, not currently.  We do plan to include this in v2.0 of the dashboard, although you may be able to enable dark mode in your web browser.

We are hoping to have this launched no later than the end of February.  Possibly sooner.