What is a SmartPool?

A SmartPool is defined through the use of Smart Contracts in a blockchain, to provide an decentralized mechanism for blockchain validation services by the community miners.

GetBlok.io SmartPools

We approach SmartPools in an innovative way, leveraging community and proprietary mechanism to deploy an industrial-scale approach for SmartPools.

Use of Smart Contracts for tracking submitted shares:

  • Leveraging mature concepts and ground-breaking features
  • Vision and goals to one day enable community infrastructure to participate in SmartPool
  • Tamper-proof on-chain records
  • Fully transparent

Decentralized payout management:

  • Block rewards are no longer held in custody by pool operator
  • Block rewards tracked on-chain

Off-Chain persistence for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:

  • Enables secondary persistence for disaster recovery and ease of recovery. 

The Evolution of Smart Pools

GetBlok.io is committed to the evolution of Blockchain validation and miners.  Smart contracts are a capability which will evolve and change as this industry changes. Therefore, our capabilities are always changing and adapting to the community and markets.