How to mine on SubPools

Please follow the steps below to connect to SubPools on

Step 1

You must use an Ergo wallet that accepts native assets. Nautilus and Ergo Mobile Wallet are recommended

Step 2

Start mining on For instructions on how to connect, follow this link:

Step 3

Once you are connected, navigate to the dashboard at

Step 4

Insert your Ergo address into the address bar at the top of the screen and hit the ENTER key.

Once you have successfully entered your address, it will show you the mining pool you are in.

Step 5

Once your address is successfully entered navigate to the left side bar and select “SmartPools”.

Step 6

After selecting “SmartPools” you will be in the SmartPool page where you can select the SubPool of choice.

Once you have located the SubPool you wish to mine on, click “Start Mining”

Step 7

After you click “Start Mining” you will be taken to the SubPool settings page.  Here you will need to enter the public IP address that is utilized by your miners. Note: the public IP of your miner is not necessarily the local IP address of your miner.  See details on how to find your Public IP below.

How to identify your miner’s public IP address:

  2. HiveOS – Use your “Remote IP”

*When your miner connects to SmartPool, we record the IP address that your miner utilizes to communicate to the internet.  Your Shares are associated with that IP address, and only by using that particular public IP address are you able to modify your miner’s settings such as minimum payout or SubPool of choice.

Step 8

After clicking Save, you will see a notification confirming you have successfully connected to the SubPool.

Step 9

To see yourself in the new pool, return to the address at the top of the screen, and hit the ENTER key.  You new SubPool Dashboard will be displayed:

You have successfully connected to the SubPool!

We appreciate all your support. If you have any questions, please contact us in Telegram or Discord.